Olivia’s Journal

Olivia’s journal is gone.

I don’t know how. I don’t know why. But it’s not where I left it.

I can’t believe this. I’m losing my fucking mind. I didn’t even look at it! I didn’t get to find out what the FUCK is going on! THIS IS BULLSHIT

I will update when I know more. I think I’m in way over my head now…


I can’t bring myself to read the journal yet. When I touched it, it made me physically ill. I will, I know I have to, and I will. For now though, I spent some time looking at some old videos of me and Olivia. God, I miss her more than ever… She didn’t deserve any of this.

I’ve included a picture of the journal. I don’t know why Olivia had to pick the creepiest looking notebook ever, but whatever. That’s Olivia for you I guess.

No, I haven’t looked in it. It made me physically ill.

I’ll get to it…

I spent some time reminiscing over an old camera of mine. God, I miss Olivia so badly… I can’t believe what happened to her, and is happening to me. It still makes no sense…

I know I have to read the journal. I will.

The Journal

I went back to Olivia’s house, and I found her journal. I think I was meant to. Now… I feel like there’s no going back. I feel like I’m in over my head.

I need to get some sleep. I need to sleep. I can’t think straight anymore.

I went to Olivia’s house, and I found her journal. It was left for me to find. This can’t be a good thing.

I’ll post pictures later, or in a few days. I’m just so tired right now…


No new notes in the mail, but the one I have is moving. Or something is moving it on me. Either way, I can’t sleep anymore. I’m so tired, and scared. Olivia discovered what was after her, but left me no clue about what it might be. I have to find that sketchbook, and soon…

I haven’t received any new notes in the mail, but the one I have… I can’t be so forgetful that I don’t remember where I left it, so the only conclusion I have is that it’s moving. Or something is moving it on me. Either way, I just feel like I’m losing it.

Olivia apparently discovered what was following her. This would be a good thing, if she’d said what it actually was… But she’s left me with no clue, no idea what’s going on.

No way to defend myself.


I think I can say with certainty now that Olivia wasn’t suffering from a mental breakdown. I feel so alone. The same way Olivia must have felt…

Nothing is okay right now. I heard something on Olivia’s recorder that makes no sense whatsoever, but… she wasn’t crazy. I can say that with certainty. It wasn’t a mental breakdown. And now, according to the woman who owns Lunar (if she can be believed and isn’t just messing with my head) I’m next.

I don’t have anyone to go to. I can’t bring this up with my friends. I feel so alone…

Part Five

I haven’t received any more notes in the mail. I haven’t been sleeping well, there’s a lot going on. Olivia went and visited Lunar, the occult store she mentioned, and I think I’ll have to go there soon…

I haven’t received any more weird notes, thankfully. I’m so tired right now, I haven’t been sleeping well with all of this going on. It just seems to get more and more messed up every day…

I definitely need to visit this Lunar store and talk to the woman that works there. She must remember that conversation, and I need to hear why she did that to Olivia.

Thanks for listening.

The Note

I got a note in the mail, exactly the same as the one Olivia described. I have no idea who could have sent it, but I’m not happy about it… But at least I have a possible lead with this Lunar store.

So, one of Olivia’s previous recordings mentioned a note. I haven’t been able to track it down, but… I guess I don’t have to now. Someone decided to send a copy to me. How considerate of them.

All of my friends deny having sent it, and I don’t know who to believe. I don’t want to think that any of them would do this, but… Really, who else could it be? It was obviously someone who knew Olivia as well, which narrows down the list of possible people.

At least now I have a possible lead with this “Lunar” store.