The Note

I got a note in the mail, exactly the same as the one Olivia described. I have no idea who could have sent it, but I’m not happy about it… But at least I have a possible lead with this Lunar store.

So, one of Olivia’s previous recordings mentioned a note. I haven’t been able to track it down, but… I guess I don’t have to now. Someone decided to send a copy to me. How considerate of them.

All of my friends deny having sent it, and I don’t know who to believe. I don’t want to think that any of them would do this, but… Really, who else could it be? It was obviously someone who knew Olivia as well, which narrows down the list of possible people.

At least now I have a possible lead with this “Lunar” store.

One thought on “The Note

  1. I hope this is not real!!!! If it is we can not hlep without more info I tryed looking up the names and could not find everything but if this podcast is real and you need help plz let me know more info and I will try to help I go all over the US and have connections in all 48 states I really hope this is just a interesting fictional podcast


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